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YKK Farm, based in the city of Bonfinópolis de Minas - MG, was founded in 1985 in the middle of a previously unproductive savannah, becoming a real Food Production Barn thanks to the systematic and continuous resource injection performed by YKK do Brasil Ltda.

With a total of 11 thousand hectares, several crops have been introduced to the land over the years such as soy, corn, rice and cotton with the purpose of finding the best agricultural options. Moreover, we have developed projects to foster the technification of the pasture area and made partnerships to implement Farming-Livestock integration, which are production systems of grains, meat and milk produced in rotation in the same area, seeking maximizing or complementary effects among crops for agribusiness sustainability.

Currently, the activities of YKK Farm include the coffee cultivation in an area of 200 hectares totaling one million trees at an average altitude of 850 meters using the most modern agricultural techniques and central pivot irrigation. All the production is processed on the farm for commercialization in Brazil and in the most rigorous and demanding markets in the world such as Japan, where coffee is sold under the brand "Café Bonfino". The beans of Café Bonfino go through fermentation tanks, whose process is called pulped or washed.

Recently launched in the domestic market with the brand "Café Bonfininho", this coffee is carefully produced through the natural drying process, originating a sweeter, fuller beverage.

In that sense, our special category coffees allow the consumer to extract the best from each cup and have a truly unique experience, whether in aroma, flavor, acidity or body.

YKK Fazenda

The raising of beef cattle is another highlight within our activities, from crossbreeding the best breeds in order to provide superior quality meat. We have 2,000 matrices, totaling a herd of 4,500 Nelore breed animals, whose main activity is breeding.

Another activity developed on the farm is milk production.
Concerning Environmental Responsibility, the company operates in accordance with the laws enforced by the competent agencies in the area such as IBAMA, IGAM and IEF/COPAM, respecting nature and its natural resources, while keeping an area of legal reserve and permanent preservation.

YKK Fazenda YKK Fazenda YKK Fazenda